In November 2015, we took our passion for authentic food and began serving handcrafted, from scratch lunch five days a week. We offer a seasonal staple menu that is available daily during it’s respective season, that includes soups, salads, and sandwiches, as well as a rotating plate of the day menu which are more traditional Southern dinners, pulling from the freshest ingredients that epitomize the flavors of the Southern seasons. We seek a more traditional manner of food preparation – which begins at the basic level – our jams, jellies, spreads, chutneys, spreads, etcetera, begin as very basic, raw ingredients, which we handcraft into the products which you enjoy.


At Pearl’s we are doing things the way your great – grandma would have done them, we are getting back to the basics in the same way the generations before us did out of necessity,  only now it is a matter of taste. In our fast moving, over – industrialized world, we believe the one thing you ought to be able to count on is real food, crafted with integrity, from fresh ingredients.